About Ubuhanga

Officially Launched in 2013 as a community for those who want to know more things in different domains of life. Ubuhanga started out as a hobby really. After making proper planning I initiated my professional Blogging career with ubuhanga.com, as a result, I started with Information technology tips and tricks, and other important tips in real life. In addition my target was to helping people to learn and know how to do anything.

After only posting a few articles at the end of December 2013, I noticed Ubuhanga.com getting popular and my readership growing. So I decided to focus on adding more content and making the tutorials more reader friendly while still providing quality tips, tutorials and help through Website, Email and social media.

If you have any comment and suggestion concerning this website, please be my friend and share with me.

So, who created this website of Ubuhanga.com

Jean HABIMANA : Software Engineer
I am a tireless seeker of knowledge and also, a software developer.

I try to share from my personal experience, other researchers and best knowledge from other people who have successfully achieved more things.
I hope my contribution on Ubuhanga.com work as a useful resource to many people in Rwanda and in the World.

The Final Words

Thank you all of you so much for the great support. Without my audience I would have never achieved this height on the Internet. Thanks for looking at my website profile. Wish you good luck on your career and promise you to provide quality whenever Ubuhanga.com delivers.

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