7 Ways of speeding up Android smartphone and make it run smoother

No one wants a slow phone, but many of us have to settle for one as the hardware grows older, storage space runs out, and the number of bugs add up. The good news is that you don’t have to accept a slow Android smartphone. Here are seven quick tips for increasing your old phone’s performance.

1. Keep Your Android & Apps Updated

Keeping the android version to latest is one of the best way to make android run faster. Newer version of android operating system and apps contains new features and bug fixes that helps smartphone hardware to give maximum performance.

2. Uninstall & Disable Apps

An installed app is useless, if you are not using it. Always install those apps on your android device which you really need. Also there are some app which keep running in background while not in use. These type of apps increase RAM and CPU usage. So you should disable those apps to save memory and CPU usage

3. Keep The Homescreen Simple

Live wallpapers can slower the processing of visuals on homescreen and also take more battery juice. So you should use a static wallpaper. Widgets should be used at minimum as they make your screen scrolling very lag.

4. Use Antivirus Apps

Antivirus apps put a security protection on your mobile to prevent those malwares. If your android device is running slowly then it can be due to malware running in your smartphone. You should install android antivirus apps and regularly scan your smartphone for viruses.

5. Turn Off Animations

Turning on animation can make some android smartphones slow. Do you want to make your android run faster without rooting then turning off animation is one of the best way

6. Clear Cached Data
If we do not clean this cached data for a long time, it can make your system hang and slow down. So it should be cleaned at regular interval to ensure every app and OS remain clean & fresh.

7. Root Your Android

Many unwanted apps which comes pre-installed with your smartphone can only be uninstalled by rooting the smartphone.

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