How do you learn computer programming ?

In order to learn a programming language, you must first choose a language to learn, install any necessary software, and begin practicing by following tutorials and other instructional sources. For your first language, you may want to choose an easy language that teaches you basic programming concepts.

Choose the programming language to learn
Research the pros and cons of each programming language, and find a language that is easy to learn or meets the requirements of your applications. Programming languages, such as PHP and JavaScript, are great choices for web development, but these languages are unsuited for directly interacting with computer hardware. C is a great language for interfacing with hardware, but the language requires strict coding habits and is hard to master.

Install any necessary or useful software
Depending on the language, a specific software tool, such as a compiler or interpreter, is required to test and run your code. Additionally, integrated development environments are not only great code editors that give programmers feedback on syntax, but the software often includes or supports one or more compilers or interpreters. NetBeans, Microsoft Visual Studio and Eclipse are a few popular IDEs.

Learn the language
Follow tutorials or read books to learn the language. While taking computer science classes is one choice if you have the time and money, many free programming resources are available online. MIT OpenCourseWare, Code Academy and edX are a few free websites that teach programming languages.

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