How To Delete Your Facebook Comment

You may ask yourself this question : "How do you remove a your comment from someone’s Timeline ?". In this article we will show you how to do this on both your PC and your Android device.

1. Delete Facebook Comment on PC

Step 1 : You must be logged into your Facebook account.

Step 2 : Once you are in your account, look for the comment you left on that post. The easiest way to find it is to head up to your drop-down arrow next to the Lock Icon on the top right of the site. Click on the arrow and a menu will appear. Click on Activity Log

Step 3 : Here you will see a list of all your activities from Liking to Commenting. Scroll down to your comment which will have a green icon (this indicates it is a comment) next to it. To the right, you will see an Edit Pencil. Click it. Now you will have the option to delete that comment. Click Delete. DONE !

Step 4 Optional : You can also delete your comment directly from the Timeline itself. This is nice since you might already be looking at the post when you make the mistake. Just hover your mouse cursor over the comment and you should see an Edit Pencil to the right. Click it

In this menu you can Delete the comment or Edit it. I will choose Delete.

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