16 JOBS at Nyanza District, RWANDA - CLOSE : 24-10-2016



Nyanza District would like to invite qualified candidates to apply for the following posts

1. Advisor to the Executive Committee (1)
Bachelor’s Degree in Political Sciences, Law, Internal Relations, Governance, Management, Public Administration, Administration, Administrative Sciences or Bachelor’s of Arts with 3Years working Experience or Master’s Degree in Political Sciences, Law, International Relations, Governance, Management, Public Administration, Administrative Sciences or Arts with at least 1 year working Experience.

2. Internal Auditor (1)
AO in Accounting, Public Finance or Management with specialization in Finance/Accounting,

3. Investment Promotion and Financial Services (1)
AO in Economics, Business Economics, Agri-business, Microfinance Banking, Finances, Trade and Investment, Commerce, Marketing, Management.

4. Executive Secretary of Sector (2)
A0/A1 Social Science, Arts, Law, Sciences with 3 Years working Experience or Masters Degree in Social Sciences Arts, Sciences with 1 Year working Experience

5. Territorial administration and decentralized Governance Officer (1)
Administrative Sciences, Local Government Studies, Law, Education Sciences ; Public Administration, Social work, International Relations, Sociology, Public Policy

6. Stock Manager (1)
A1 Nurse with at Least 2 Years of Experience in drug store management, having knowledge in using ELMIS system will be an advantage and registered in the NMC

7. Executive Secretary of Cell (7)
A2 in Social Sciences, Arts and sciences with 3 Years working Experience

8. Socio-economic Development Officer (2)
A2 in humanities Sciences, Education, Agriculture, Rural Development

How To Apply
1. The Candidates should complete the form of job application and submit it to Nyanza District office not later than 24/10/2016 at 17:00 pm this form must be accompanied by a copy of his/her identity card. The forms are available on www.psc.qov.rw and www.nyanza.qov.rw

Done at Nyanza on 17/10/2016

The Mayor of Nyanza District

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