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The Government of Rwanda has received grant from the International Development for Agriculture Development (IFAD) towards the cost of the Single Project Implementation Unit on Land Husbandry Watershed Management & Value Chain Development (SPIU-IFAD Funded projects)

The Single Project implementation Unit on Land Husbandry, Watershed Management & Value Chain Development (SPIU-IFAD Funded projects) working under the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI) wishes to recruit suitably qualified and experienced candidates to fulfil the positions below :

1) Project Operations Manager (1)

2) Livestock Farmer Field School (L-FFS) Specialist (1)

3) Animal Health Specialist (1)

4) Farmers Organisation Specialist (1)

5) Animal production and genetics specialist (1)

6) Nutrition Specialist (1)

7) Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist (1)

8) Field Officers (12)


1. Project Operations Manager (1)

Duration : 2 years renewable based on performance contract with a 6 months’ probation period

Main Duties and Responsibilities :

Under the authority of the SITU coordinator, the RDDP Operational Manager is in charge of the Rwanda Diary Development Project (RDDP) activities in accordance to the financing Agreement signed between the Government of Rwanda and IFAD. He (She) will respect all documented agreement related to the management of the project (Aide memoir, back to office report audit report. evaluation reports, midterm review, and completion report). S/he will be responsible for the subsidiary agreements between the Project and different service providers. S/he will report to the SPIU Coordinator and Rwanda Agricultural Board Director General ensuring timely reporting on the project physical progress and on financial statements in the approved format.

Specific dunes :

Project development :

· Provide orientations for the project strum and methodology

· Guide the project performance in accordance to the Rwandan policies on Imihigo in line with the financing agreements

· Coordinate the project team and creating team spirit with SPIU project stiff, RAB partners and district staff

· Ensure synergies between project components to maximize the impact of project

Project Implementation :

· Supervise die project planning and Implementation inducting the supervision of the Implementation of project activities according to the financing agreement, the recommendations of the steering committee as well as the recommendations of the supervision mission

· Prepare the annual work plan and budget and progress thematic report in timely manner.

· Supervise the preparation and negotiation of the Molls, contracts and other agreements with partners and service : providers

· Execute the approved plan and budget and ensure payments are affected In time for the good progress (tithe planned activities

· Identify areas which require external support and recruit suitable consultants In consultation with SPIV Coordinator and DG/RAB

· Guide the consultant, experts and contractors toward the realization of planned project outputs and evaluate their performance.

· Guide the coordination of all the stakeholders to the maximum Impact.

· Prepare the draft implementation Manuel of the project

· Provide the overall leadership for the 3 technical components and the 4 technical committees in close collaboration with the DG/ RAIL and the DG livestock in the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources

· Monitor the project implementation progress and

· Support the Implementation support missions and the follow up missions

Expected outputs :

· Project general objective. specific objectives and activities are timely reached and within the frame oldie financial agreement

· Project planning and budgeting processes are Implemented on Ume with the Ml participation of key partners in a participatory approach

· Project physical and financial reports are timely submitted to the relevant authorities In accordance with the provision of the financial agreement

· Respect the disbursement procedures in accordance with the project design report

· The Project impact data are updated regularly and disseminated to project partners for measuring the results across all project components

· Excellent relations with line ministries. implementing agencies, project beneficiaries and development partners

· Capacity of communication with all partners including stakeholders in the decentralized entities

Qualification :

The Operations Manager must have the following minimum qualifications and experience :

· Masters Degree In Food Science and Technology Development Studies, Animal Production with 5 years working experience. Working in the dairy sector will be advantage or Bachelor’s degree with 8 years working experience in the dairy sector in Rwanda.

Key competencies :

· Fluent in Kinyarwanda English or French

· Computer dolls • Good communication skins

· Strong business development skills

· Working experience with IFAD funded project is an advantage

2. Livestock Farmer Field School (L-FFS) Specialist (1)

Duration : 2 years renewable based en performance contract with a 6 months’ probation period

Main Duties and Responsibilities :

The position of L-FFS Specialist is to work with LFFS facilitators, farmer groups and help them discover important concepts in milk productivity and quality through prints-al learning. The facilitators will reside in the same area as the farmers and meet with their groups daily. The main objective of the L-FFS sessions will be to improve smallholders’ dairy farmers’ capacity to sustainably increase the milk productivity and improve the quality of the milk to reduce both milk rejection at collection and risks related to food safety. The LFFS specialist must be able to manage the time in the field independently.

Specific duties :

Under the overall guidance of the Project Coordinator, the livestock L-FFS Specialist will be responsible to perform the following tasks and duties

· Prepare guidelines for the selection of FPS participants/trainees

· Review villages and participants selected for the LEES establishment

· Provide backstop support and monitoring of ongoing activities of L.FFS In the project areas.

· Prepare and compile relevant education materials for L-FES

· Collect and compile all the information related to L FES established in the Project areas.

· Frequent field visits of the project area for recommendation of dairy Interventions appropriate for the project area for establishment of L-FFS groups.

· Support leaders of farmer groups to become experts in specific topics related to milk productivity and quality

· Identify the need for additional assistance, and call on project coordinator for the appropriate resources

· Ensure the submission of L-FFS monthly work plan, monthly, quarterly, Annual and final reports to the concerned

· Perform any other associated duties as required by the supervisor.


· University Degree in animal production, dairy or veterinary sciences

Requirements and Experience

· Masters holder with 3 years working experience in the dairy sector and with farmers

· Bachelors’ holder with 5 years working experience in dairy sector and with farmers

· L FFS Master trainer with a minimum of 2 years experience

· Fluent in Kinyarwanda , English / or French


· Practical knowledge of social mobilization process and community organization skills

· Proficient in basic computer skills

· Good interpersonal & communication skills

· Good drafting and report writing skills

· Analytical, communication and presentation skills

· Good networking and advocacy skills

· Ability of working in multi-cultural and rural communities.

Have the following qualities :

· Fast learner – He/she will be required to perform well after limited training

· Motivated – This position is only for those who want to gain personal development from this experience, not those just looking for a job.

· Humble – He/she will be required to let go of what you think you know and be open to new information and ways of doing things

· Friendly – A facilitator must be respected and liked by the community

· Good Communicator – Strong reporting and communication skills are critical for this position.

3. Animal Health Specialist (1)

Duration : 2 years renewable based on performance contract with a 6 months’ probation period

Duties and Responsibilities :

· Carries out planning, organizing and coordinating professional veterinary work in prevention control and eradication of animal diseases ; Effectively plan and implement

· Develop and oversee the implementation of national disease reporting system for efficient information flow and timely interventions

· Gather, monitor, compile and maintain information and records on disease surveillance, monitoring activities, and herd certification/disease classification records for bovine disease programs including, but not limited to, TBDs, TADs, zoonosis (brucellosis, TB) and mastitis

· Develop new or improved measures to control and/or eradicate animal diseases ;

· Supervise the monitoring, evaluation and reporting on impact assessment of animal disease control programs

· Participate in scheduled animal disease surveillance ; diagnostics, control, impact assessment and reporting in accordance with Codes of conduct under OIE-World Organization for Animal Health ;

· Timely respond to reports of emerging diseases incidences at farmer and community levels

· Train and build capacity of farmers in disease diagnosis, control and prevention of common diseases pathogens and vectors

· Participate in the development of novel disease diagnostic methods in collaboration with public and private institutions at national, regional and international research institutions

· Mentor young veterinarians in the skills, attitudes and ethics of veterinary profession

· Establish strategic partnership with pertinent public institutions, private sector, civil society organizations for enhancing effectiveness, and efficiency in veterinary service delivery

· Participate in policy design, implementation and dissemination on matters relating to animal production

Key competences :

· Knowledge of principles and techniques of veterinary medicine as applied to food-producing animals ;

· Knowledge of equipment and technical methods used in the field of diagnosing, testing, and controlling the diseases and parasites of animals ;

· Knowledge of diagnostic characteristics, modes of transmission, distribution and frequency of occurrence of animal disease and parasites ;

· Aware and informed on literature of veterinary medicine.

· Having worked successfully with an IFAD funded project is an advantage

Qualification and Experiences :

· MSc in veterinary medicine from an a reputable institution with 3 years of experience in veterinary medicine

· BSc in veterinary medicine with 5 years of experience in veterinary medicine involving animal disease prevention control and eradication, 4 years of which shall have been in field work in animal disease regulatory work and 1 year performing professional veterinary duties of a class with a level of responsibility ;

4. Farmers Organisation Specialist (1)

Duration : 2 years renewable based on performance contract with a 6 months’ probation period

Main Duties and Responsibilities :

Under the direct supervision and authority of Program/Contract Manager of RDDP, the Farmers Organization Specialist is responsible for coordinating and supporting all activities relating to farmers and apex institutions organization. He/she works in close collaboration with the Marketing Support Specialist already providing marketing support to ongoing IFAD funded projects and service providers in financial services activities.

Specific duties :

More specifically Farmers Organisation Specialist is responsible for :

· Review and Establish contracts and agreements with service providers and monitoring their implementation,

· Cooperatives capacity organization and assessments

· In collaboration with Business Development Fund (BDF), Rwanda Cooperative Agency and project service providers, strengthening the farmer organizations to a level that they are able to efficiently provide services to farmers in milk value chain ; bulk purchase and delivery of dairy farming inputs ; direct (or indirect) provision of extension, AI and animal health services ; and linkages to financial services through the “Hub” model already successfully tested in the country,

· Helping to ensure that the rural poor, including women and young, have sustainable access to financial services,

· Strengthening women and men management skills as individual Farmers and cooperatives in order to enable them to transform their income generating activities into sustainable micro-enterprises along the selected RDDP commodity chain.

· Identifying institution-building needs of MFIs and other partners as appropriate and organizing the provision of related support,

· Providing overall guidance and support the implementation of group enterprises and market-based initiatives, in close collaboration with financial institutions working with the project .This includes setting up a financial facility to finance activities under this sub-component ;

· In collaboration with other RDDP specialists, preparing the annual work plan, budget and reports.

· In collaboration with the M&E specialist, monitoring the implementation and impact of Project activities in his/her area of specialization.

· Monitoring the indicators of participating financial institutions related to volume of activities, portfolio quality and overall performance. This includes the outreach assessment to ensure HUB’s mainstreaming, (ii) Number of HUBs in portfolio and financed ; (iii) volume of credit and saving activities ; (iv) penetration rate ; (v) repayment, portfolio at risk and arrears rates ; (vi) operational self-sufficiency ;

· Preparing progress reports on the project rural finance activities and participate in supervision missions.

· Undertaking any other assignments or relevant duties in the field of his/her competences as may be assigned by his direct supervisor.

Qualifications :

· Master or bachelor’s degree in Cooperatives Management, Development studies, Rural development, Agricultural Economics, Agribusiness, Rural Finances.

· Msc with 3 years working experience or Bsc 5 years working experience

Key competencies :

· Experience in the implementation of Rural Development Programmes and Projects.

· Having worked with IFAD projects is an added advantage

· Extensive experience of relationship with government institutions and international cooperation agencies.

· Experience in rural finances in Rwanda,

· Capacity to organize work at different levels of participation.

· Good skills in coordinating and working in teams.

· Good writing skills and proven competence in the use of computer software applications

· Fluency (written and spoken) in Kinyarwanda and English / or French .

5. Animal production and genetics specialist (1)

Duration : 2 years renewable based on performance contract with a 6 months’ probation period

Duties and Responsibilities :

· Coordinating and facilitating planning, implementation and reporting on projects and programs for improved animal genetic resource and nutrition in the project area ;

· Coordinating the multiplication and dissemination of improved animal breeds, feeds and management practices ;

· Overseeing the compliance of the private sector to commercial feed standards in collaboration with RSB

· Establishing partnership with relevant stakeholders in multiplication and distribution of improved animal breeds and forage species

· Establishing, updating and implementing capacity development programs for multiplication and management of improved animal genetic resources

· Establishing strategic partnership with pertinent public institutions, private sector, national and regional civil society organizations for enhancing effectiveness, and efficiency in veterinary service delivery

· Participating and contributing in policy design, implementation and dissemination on matters relating to animal production

Qualification :

· Master’s Degree in Animal sciences, Animal Husbandry and Veterinary sciences with 3 years of working experience or Bachelor’s holder in Animal Sciences or Veterinary Medicine with 5 years of working experience in Animal Resources

Key competences :

· Knowledge of principles and techniques of animal husbandry as applied to foodproducing animals ;

· Knowledge of equipment and technical methods used in the field of genetic improvement, animal feed resources, and livestock extension ;

· Knowledge of Livestock farm field school,

· Aware and informed on literature of genetic improvement

· Experience in an IFAD funded project is an advantage

6. Nutrition Specialist

Duration : 2 years renewable based on performance contract with a 6 months’ probation period

Duties and Responsibilities :

· The Nutrition Specialist will monitor the nutrition situation in selected working areas and provide, in collaboration with the technical team, guidance on priority actions to be taken. In addition, the Nutrition Specialist will support the team in providing direct technical support to project in the development and preparation of action plans, as appropriate.

· The Nutrition Specialist will support the project with the development of materials for nutrition in emergencies, with a focus on nutrition information, program monitoring and evaluation when needs arise. In addition, the Nutrition Specialist will support the development of technical capacity of RDDP staff through training and mentoring activities in this area.

· The Nutrition Specialist will draft technical notes for specific products when needs arise.

· The Nutrition Specialist will monitor the implementation of specific activities under existing partnerships for nutrition information to ensure that activities and deliverables are met on time and as per the set standards.

· The Nutrition Specialist will be responsible for ensuring the timely completion of all deliverables meeting defined and agreed quality standards.

Expected outputs :

· Enforcement of the Ministerial order on milk collection, transport, standard and distribution.

· Pilot a community based supply milk to one cup program

· Farmers beneficiaries Milk consumption increased

· District nutrition awareness campaign in close collaboration with the Nutrition Secretariat under MINALOC

Qualifications of Successful Candidate :

Msc degree with 3 years working experience. Having worked with an IFAD project is an advantage or at least a bachelor’s degree in Public health, nutrition, Food science and Technology, with expertise in food policy or nutrition issues of 5 years working experience.

Languages :

Fluency in Kinyarwanda, English or French

Competencies of successful candidate :

· Communicates effectively to varied audiences, including during formal public speaking ; Able to work effectively in a multi-cultural environment ;

· Sets high standards for quality of work and consistently achieves project goals ;

· Translates strategic direction into plans and objectives.

· Analyzes and integrates diverse and complex quantitative and qualitative data from a wide range of sources.

· Quickly builds report with individuals and groups ; Identifies urgent and potentially difficult decisions and acts on them promptly ;

· Demonstrates, applies and shares expert technical knowledge across the project.

7. Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist (1)

Duration : 2 years renewable based on performance contract with a 6 months’ probation period

The duties and Responsibilities :

· Being responsible for development and updating of the M&E system, s/he assists in project planning and data management. S/he will provide a mechanism for systematic flow of information on the project‘s performance, and assist in institution building for M&E of SPIU.

· Developing and establishing a practical participatory project learning system (PLS) within RAB/SPIU to capture input-output data as well as impact on project objectives, possibly assisted by consultants.

· Identify appropriate monitoring indicators for each component (gender disaggregated as relevant) and ensure that they are used in measuring the Project progress ;

· Systematic collection of monitoring data provided by component heads (who will obtain most of it from reports by participating cooperatives), collation of the information and compilation of quarterly comprehensive M&E and progress reports ;

· Providing feedback to component heads for onward transmission to the cooperatives ;

· Analyzing data (linking inputs to outputs, and outputs to impact) and preparing analytical reports for project management on implementation progress, performance and impact ;

· Establishing and managing the framework for any baseline survey ;

· Measuring achievements against targets and measuring the impact of project activities on beneficiaries through agreed indicators and using both data that flows regularly from the M&E system and additional data collected through special surveys, participatory workshops with the beneficiary groups and participatory impact assessment studies that s/he will organize ;

· Coordinating activity planning through AWPB within RAB/SPIU in collaboration with other staff, and also monitoring performance of all Project parties ;

· Ensuring that all participating institutions and project officers maintain updated records on their activities and feed this information into the overall PLS with the close collaboration of the MIS officer ;

· Carrying out regular internal evaluations, so as to give early warning on project performance ;

· Developing a simple reporting system in monitoring all project activities. Outputs (expected results) : - Simple, efficient and cost effective PLS ;

· Planning and budgeting process implemented timely on a participatory approach and final consolidate project AWPB submitted timely to MINAGRI and IFAD ;

· Quarterly project progress reports available to all project partners ;

· Project impact information regularly updated and available to all project partners ;

Qualifications :

At least a bachelor’s degree in Economics, Rural Development/Development studies, Statistics, Business Administration, Social Works, Agricultural Economics, with experience of 5 years in the working domain.

Proven knowledge and practical experience of at least 5 years in project M&E. Computer literacy (Microsoft Office and statistical software). 1313Communication and result oriented management skills.

Key Competences :

Fluent in English or French (reading, writing and speaking) with a very good knowledge of the second language (French or English). Fluent in Kinyarwanda. Prepared to work in an interdisciplinary team, under pressure and meet crucial deadlines.

8. Field Officers (12)

Duration : 1 year renewable based on performance contract with a 6 months’ probation period

Duties and Responsibilities :

· The Field officer is responsible for coordinating, consolidating, and ensuring smooth implementation of program and operations’ activities. At the district level, the Field officer represents the project authority to relevant stakeholders. Typically, the field coordinator reports to the Program Manager.

· Depending on the context and mission needs, the Field officer develops and implements the project’s activities in collaboration with the respective program managers and technical team. The Field officer provides general support, guidance, and serves as focal point during planning, and reporting.

· The Field officer represents the Project at the District level including general meetings with local authorities, stakeholders’ meetings, as well as dairy sector program meetings when requested by the mission coordination. The Field officer manages the visit of donors’ representatives / HQ visitors / other stakeholders whenever requested.

· The Field officer monitors the political, economic, and social environment in the area, assesses and analyses the risks, monitors and reports the situation and develops reports and measures relevant to the context.

Qualification :

At least Bachelor’s or Masters degree in Food Science and Technology, Animal Production, Veterinary, Rural development/Development studies, Economics.

Location : He/she will be based at district level

Key competences :

· Fluent in Kinyarwanda, English or French

· Computer skills

· Milk handling, storage and transport knowledge

· Excellent communication and representative skills (written, oral, cross-cultural)

· Ability to multitask and deal with stressful situations

· Having a driving licence (At least category A or B)

How To Apply

Interested candidates must submit their updated and detailed Curriculum Vitae, relevant certificates, required certified Diploma, a copy of National Identity card and a motivation letter stating the position you are applying for in the subject.

All application letters must be addressed to the Permanent Secretary of MINAGRI P.O Box 621, Kigali Rwanda ; and be submitted in hard copies at the MINAGRI Central Secretariat not later than Friday 23/12/2016 at 12h:00pm local time.

Done at Kigali, December 08, 2016


Permanent Secretary of MINAGRI

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