JOB : Justice Sector Project Manager At MINIJUST, Deadline : 31/Jul/2017

Job : Justice Sector Project Manager
Level : 2.III
Reports To  : Permanent Secretary/Solicitor General
No. of Positions : 1
Deadline : 31/Jul/2017

Job Description
- Ensure the day to day management of the project in consultation with beneficiary institutions and UN project managers according to the implementation plans for each component and according to applicable rules and regulations.
- Prepare annual and operational plans and determine corresponding budget and liaise with beneficiaries and implementing partners in planning, budgeting and other project related activities ;
- Ensure that the project outputs are achieved and all planned activities are implemented according to allocated budget as identified in the project document and as agreed or instructed by the project management structure such as the Steering Committee and the Technical Committee ;
- In particular, coordinate and ensure proper and timely monitoring of the activities related to the establishment of an electronic case management system in the Justice Sector, and Treaty Body Reports and Universal Periodic Review (UPR) activities ;
- Carry out budget revisions to reflect any changes as necessary and draft the project implementation plan, ensuring compliance with the specific objectives of the project ;
- Prepare Term of Reference (TORs), bid documents and other supporting documents for the various activities related to the project
- Ensure close ministering and management contract with service providers for activities related to the project ;
- Ensure proper follow up of procurement procedures relating to furniture, materials, equipment and services funded by the project ;
- Carry out periodic project inventory in the collaboration with relevant staff within the implementing institutions ;
- Coordinate all payments related to the project expenditure and ensure proper custody of financial statements and other project related records in collaboration with relevant staff in implementing institutions ;
- Prepare narratives and financial reports on a quarterly and annual basis according to planned activities and provide recommendations for appropriate corrective measures ;
- Prepare and provide monthly project activity reports to the Permanent Secretary /Solicitor General not later than 10th of the following month ;
- Organise, facilitate, participate in, produce the minutes and keep records of the Steering and the Technical Committee meetings as necessary and ensure proper and timely follow-up on and implementation of recommendations of the meeting ,
- Coordinate the planning and organization of workshops and meetings, field visits, research studies or other activities related to the implementation of the project.
- Perform any other duties, relevant to the project, as required.

Job Profile
Bachelor’s degree in Law, Public Administration, Business Administration, Development Studies, Management or Economics, with 5 years of working experience or Master’s degree in Law, Public Administration, Business Administration, Development Studies, Management or Economics with three years of working experience ;


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