JOB : Quality Improvement Advisor - All Babies Count (ABC) at PIH, Kayonza, Rwanda


Job Title : All Babies Count (ABC) Quality Improvement Advisor

Reports to : Chief Nursing Officer (Primary) and Associate Director of Pediatrics at PIH/IMB (Secondary)

Location : Multiple District Hospital Placement Sites (Gakenke, Rulindo, Rusizi, and Gisagara Districts)

Grade : 4A (requires approval by job grading committee)
Positions Available : 7

General Responsibilities :
The All Babies Count (ABC) Quality Improvement Advisor’s role will be to manage all aspects of ABC implementation in the assigned district hospital catchment area. ABC is an intensive intervention focused on improving neonatal quality of care at all levels of the health system to decrease neonatal deaths, supported by a grant from Saving Lives at Birth. The role will include a combination of direct nurse mentorship, working closely with physicians, in neonatal clinical care (including maternity and operating theatre) and quality improvement methodology, as well as ABC budgetary and logistical management. The ABC Quality Improvement Advisor will work closely with the District Hospital leadership, the Associate Director of Pediatrics, the ABC Scale-up Manager, district administrative staff, health center titular’s and QI teams in the assigned district to support MOH/IMB joint implementation of ABC in one of seven district hospital catchment areas.

Specific Tasks :

I. Clinical Training, Coaching and Mentorship (45%)

• Training of health center providers in Helping Babies Breathe, kangaroo mother care, and routine newborn care (elements of Essential Newborn Care)
• Training of hospital providers on the National Neonatal Protocol in coordination with National Neonatal Trainers
• Leadership of additional health provider trainings in neonatal care as needs arise throughout intervention time period.
• Clinical mentorship in neonatal care with health center staff through visits to each facility every 4-6 weeks. Visits will include :
o Coaching of health center staff in antenatal care, maternity, and post-partum care, and any other related services, to address any identified gaps and continue to strengthen quality to prevent neonatal deaths
o Close coordination with existing Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (MCH) Supervisors at the district hospital for mentorship and register/chart reviews for data validation and feedback
• Clinical mentorship in neonatal care with hospital maternity and neonatology staff
o Coaching to address any identified gaps and continue to strengthen quality to prevent neonatal deaths
o Close coordination with existing Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (MCH) Supervisors at the district hospital, national neonatal trainers, and heads of departments
o Conduct on the job training and simulations

II. Quality Improvement (QI) Coaching and Learning Collaborative (45%)

• Participate in Advanced QI training by PIH/IMB Mentorship and Quality Improvement Manager and ABC Managers to become an expert QI facilitator.
• Lead District Learning Collaborative focused on neonatal mortality reduction. This includes the following primary tasks :
o Leading quarterly learning sessions for QI teams from each facility (all health centers in district and hospital team). Each QI team will include a clinical provider, data officer and community health nurse/liaison.
o Site visits for QI coaching during routine mentorship/coaching visits as described above
o Ongoing communication between site visits and learning sessions (phone calls, SMS, emails) to health center and hospital teams between learning sessions to support QI projects, help identify quality gaps, help the site to overcome challenges in improvement, and monitor team progress in implementing the need package to reduce neonatal mortality.
o Coordinate with and provide support for hospital’s MCH Supervisor and Quality Improvement Committees when appropriate.
o Coordination with hospital and PIH/IMB monitoring and evaluation (M/E) staff to compile HMIS indicators on maternal and newborn care to be tracked by the District Learning Collaborative.
o Support interventions that are generated through District Learning Collaborative to improve communication and coordination across all levels of health system (community, health center, district hospital).

III. Administrative Duties (10%)

• Management and logistical support for all aspects of ABC (10% time) including :
o Training preparation and logistics, including drafting training concept notes
o Logistics for District Learning Collaborative learning sessions
o Routine reporting to district hospital focal person on mentorship and QI activities
o Effective and professional communication with hospital directors and ABC leadership as needed
o Routine reporting to Hospital and ABC leadership (Associate Director of Pediatrics, MOH MCH Specialist, and ABC Managers) on ABC progress in placement district
o Insure the availability of all essential newborn equipment/advocate to leadership for availing essential supplies and equipment
o Quarterly update of the status of MNCH equipment

Qualifications :
• A0 level nurse
• Experience with data interpretation, collection and usage either through academic, quality improvement, or research experience
• Clinical experience in neonatal/newborn care either through maternity or pediatric/neonatal ward assignments
• Experience in clinical mentorship and teaching, especially in neonatal reanimation and care
• Preference for those with hospital and health center experience, experience with Helping Babies Breathe and/or those with training in comprehensive or basic SONU/EmONC and/or IMCI and/or other maternal and child health related domains.
• Management experience (ie. leadership in hospital/health center staff, project management experience, etc)
• Experience with facilitation, training, and mentorship (rather than direct clinical practice only)
• Fluency in Kinyarwanda and English required
• French fluency strongly preferred

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