SPIU COORDINATOR at MINALOC, Rwanda, Deadline : 02/Jun/2017

Level : 1.V
Reports To : Permanent Secretary
No. of Positions : 1
Deadline : 02/Jun/2017

Job Description
Duties and Responsibilities
1. Project/Programme Development and Strategy
• Takes lead in the preparation of draft project/programme proposals under SPIU for review by MINECOFIN and development partners, in close coordination with concerned MINALOC departments and affiliated agencies ;
• Ensures contribution of donor-funded projects/programmes under MINALOC to relevant Government policies, strategies and programmes at design, planning and implementation stages ;
• Ensures that Steering Committee orientations are translated into programme operations ;
• Reports to the Steering Committees on programme strategy implementation ;
• Advises MINALOC and Development Partners on how to enhance strategic alignment and result-effectiveness of donor-funded projects/programmes under MINALOC ;
• Hosts appraisal/ supervision missions of development partners
• Ensures that TAs under donor-funded projects/programmes under MINALOC provide contributions to sector dialogue (e.g. at TWG level) ;
• Advises MINALOC on policy dialogue related to donor-funded projects/programmes ;
• Oversees studies undertaken through donor-funded projects/programmes under MINALOC and ensures that their recommendations serve as inputs at policy level ;
• Monitors progress of sector indicators as related to donor-funded projects/programmes under MINALOC ;
• Contributes to Joint Sector Reviews.

2. Project/Programme Planning, Implementation, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting
• Leads and supervises activities in planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, reporting and closing of donor-funded projects/programmes under SPIU MINALOC ;
• Ensures alignment of these projects/programmes with Government procedures (operational and fiduciary), as well as their compliance with modalities agreed between by the Ministry and Development Partners ; when necessary, advises MINALOC and Development Partners on ways to enhance alignment and compliance ;
• Ensures integration of donor-funded projects/programmes under MINALOC in the planning, M&E and reporting mechanisms of the sector and of possible Implementing agencies ;
• Supervises and optimizes coordination and monitoring processes of donor-funded projects/programmes by SPIU MINALOC ;
• Ensures regular submission and approvals of projects/programmes implementation plans and budgets in line with modalities agreed between MINALOC and Development Partners ;
• Chairs Programme Management Meetings and Technical Committee meetings of programmes implemented under the SPIU.
• Approves SPIU action-plans and procurement plans ;
• Closely follows-up programme implementation and result-effectiveness ; takes action to avoid delays and to enhance Project/programme effectiveness towards objectives achievement ;
• Supervises collaboration with partner institutions for the implementation of grant agreements with a focus on smooth, timely implementation and results orientation ; makes recommendations to concerned stakeholders for improvements ;
• Ensures compliance of implemented activities with project/programme requirements ;
• Supervises preparation of reports (activity and financial) based on guidelines and requirements of MINECOFIN and development partners ;
• Supports and closely follows mid-term reviews and end of project reviews ;

3. Administrative and fiduciary Management of donor-funded projects/programmes under MINALOC
• Ensures adequateness of administrative and fiduciary management procedures of donor-funded projects/programmes under MINALOC, and their compatibility with those of MINALOC ;
• Supervises budget preparation and financial planning for donor-funded projects/programmes under MINALOC ; ensures validation of annual budgets ;
• Monitors and approves accounting, financial reports and budget execution ;
• Monitors management of contracts and grant agreements under donor-funded projects/programmes coordinated by the SPIU, and takes appropriate measures when required ;
• Supervises the establishment, implementation and regular updating of procurement plans ;
• Supervises coordination between SPIU and the procurement and the finance units of MINALOC to ensure proper procurement and finance management ;
• Signs commitments, requests for non-objection and payments as defined under agreed management procedures ;
• Controls and validates cash requests to Development Partners ;
• Supervises management and preservation of all records in line with requirements ;
• Supervises audits processes and the implementation of audit actions plans ;

4. Staff management
• Supervises and coaches SPIU programme managers and other SPIU staff in view of highly effective, professional and results-oriented programme implementation and coordination ;
• Ensures the well-functioning of programme coordination teams ;
• Contributes to the coordination and regular evaluation of Donor-funded technical assistance staff.

5. Stakeholder engagement
• Builds and strengthens partnerships with stakeholders in government, development partners and service providers in view of achieving the objectives of Donor-funded projects and programmes under MINALOC ;
• Participates in sector studies, formulation of new interventions and reviews of on-going interventions under the SPIU ;
• Represents the Ministry in meetings with development partners as well as other meetings, conferences, seminars, workshops when delegated.

6. Other :
• Fulfils any other duties as assigned by his/her supervisors.

Job Profile
Bachelor’s degree in Social Science with seven (7) years of working experience in Project Management or Master’s degree in Social Sciences with five (5) years of working experience working in Projects Management

Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required :

- Computer Skills ;
- Organizational Skills ;
- Communication Skills ;
- High analytical & Complex Problem
Solving skills ;
- Judgment & Decision Making Skills ;
- Time management Skills ;
- Mobilization Skills ;
- Team working Skills ;
- Fluency in Kinyarwanda, English and/ or French ; knowledge of all is an advantage

APPLY : Rwanda Civil Service Recruitment Portal

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