Best Free Screen Recording Softwares For Windows

Screen Recording Softwares are of great use in blogging, creating presentation, creating tutorial videos and many other important task related to computer. Many bloggers use screen recording software on daily basis to create video blogs and how to videos.

These softwares allow you to record everything that is running on your desktop. We can also use these software for educational purposes by creating videos related to any subject or providing solution of a topic to the students. You can also record webinars and watch them later.

You can easily explain and provide simple solution in videos than in text. YouTube and other video sharing websites have countless videos explaining how to solve a given problem. Most of these videos computer related videos are developed by screen recording software. You can also be able to edit those recorded videos with different video editing software.

Do you also want to use screen recording software for your projects ? If yes, you can use these softwares for free. There are some free screen recording software available for using on your Windows computer.

List Of Best Free Screen Recording Software For Windows

Below are the list of best screen recorder available for Windows operating system.

1. Icecream Screen Recorder

Icecream Screen Recorder is one of the best free screen software for Windows. It can also act as a screen capture. Most of the Windows OS including Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1 and others are supported by theses software. You can use it for capturing screen, creating video instruction & screencast, software reviews in a video and record windows. With its area selection feature, you can select an area on the screen to take screenshot or making video. While Drawing Panel allows you to draws, outline and add arrows & text to screenshots and video. Other features including adding watermark to screenshot, record webcam videos, choose video quality, zoom in while recording and many other. It also includes features like URL to screenshots, hiding cursor, schedule screen recording and hotkeys.

2. Ezvid

Ezvid is not just a normal screen recorder. You can also edit your recorded videos with it built-in video editor. It also allows you to upload videos on YouTube. Some of its notable feature are HD Support, screen capture, instant facecam, screen drawing and speed control. It supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1.

3. Flashback Express

Flashback Express Recorder is also one of the best screen recorder for Windows. You don’t need a high-end computer to run this software. With it, you can easily create demos and tutorials in high quality. You can also record videos while appearing on the webcam. It supports scheduled recording for an interval. It allows you to upload videos on YouTube and export to Flash & AVI.

4. ActivePresenter

ActivePresenter can record any part of the screen in high-quality. You can also edit the audio & video with tasks like cut, crop, join, speed up, slow down and more. Different object types like shapes and image can be added in the video. It supports exporting in various video formats including MP4, FLV, AVI, WMV, WebM, MKV. This software is of great use for educators, students and corporate training professionals.

5. Webinaria

Webinaria is a screen recording software with basic features. You can record, publish, view and share videos. The video record in this software will be in Flash format. You can also record your voice along with video. Webcam and text can also be added to the recording video.

6. Jing

With Jing, you can create short video and share them. You can also capture image of by selecting an area on your computer screen. It supports video recording up to 5 minutes. Its website have tutorials related to this software. You can also get free tech support from their team. If you are looking a decent software for your recording screen in your project than Jing might not be able provide an awesome quality to your videos.

7. Rylstim Screen Recorder

This simple & lightweight screen recorder allows you to record screen and save that video in AVI format. For recording the screen, you have to select the required video codec. You can select frame rate and file path. A portable version of this software is also available.

8. TinyTake

To use TinyTake screen recording software, your Windows system should be installed with minimum of 4GB of RAM. With it you can record video up to 120 minutes, webcam video recording, capture image, Zoom in/out and more. You can also annotate videos.


So these are the best free screen recording software which can be installed in Windows computers. With these softwares, you can create professional quality screen recorded videos. Also these tool are available for free.

Now its time use these software tools and create better quality video tutorials.

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