Do You Think Linux Is More Secure Than Other OS ?

There are thoughts that say that Linux is more secure than other operating systems. This topic has been hotly debated over the years. What’s your opinion ? Do you think Linux is more secure than other OS ?

Some consider the security of Linux to be a myth and don’t believe it’s any more secure than Windows or Mac OS X. Others like to think that it is very secure. There are so many opinions out there that it’s difficult to get to the bottom of this issue and get to the truth.

Those that feel that Linux isn’t any more secure than other operating systems point to the lack of popularity of it. Similar to Mac OS X, since there are less Linux systems in operation than Windows, those looking to do malicious things to operating systems aren’t targeting Linux. They want more bang for their buck, so to speak, so they’re more likely to target Windows systems to get more victims.

Others think that The reason why LINUX is not affected by any malware or virus is LINUX don’t execute ".exe" files.VIRUSES are also a type of software with ".exe" extension. You might have seen some applications/software don’t run on UBUNTU which is based on LINUX, we have to download it from the original website. So, applications with .exe file extension will not run on LINUX which makes your system same.

What do you think ? Are you using Linux because you believe your information is more secure on this system than on others ? Or do you think it’s no safer than any other available operating system ?

Do you think Linux is more secure than other OS ? You may respond by writing your idea in the comment section.

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