Top 5 Best Alternatives To YouTube

YouTube is one of most popular website on the internet. This popular video sharing website has billions of users on daily basis. If a business or an individual wants to take his/her business videos to a big chunk of audience, the preference will always be YouTube.

Most of official music videos & movie trailer are first uploaded on YouTube. We can easily watch our favorite TV shows, popular video clipping, educational videos and more. In fact, this Google owned video sharing site is so much popular that many bloggers earns their living online from YouTube.

Every organization who wants to make their product more popular or want inform people about their product or service, they use YouTube for this purpose. Many celebrities and motivational speakers have their own YouTube channel to reach their fans & followers via videos.

Do you know there are some awesome alternative available to YouTube. There are some video sharing site which have better features. Lets go ahead and know about those YouTube alternatives.

List Of Best YouTube Alternative Websites

Below is the list of YouTube like sites where you watch and upload with ease.

1. Dailymotion : Best YouTube Alternative
Dailymotion is a very popular video sharing website and one of the best alternatives to YouTube. Th company is based in Paris, France. It was founded back in 2005 and available in 35 countries. You can browse their site in 18 languages. You can easily browser and upload videos. To upload videos, you need to register an account at Dailymotion’s website. More than 300 million users around the world uses Dailymotion.

Their website allows you to browse videos in various categories including music, gaming, sports, movies, cars, education and many more. The homepage of the site is looks very focused and have clean interface.

It allows you to upload the video of a size of 4GB maximum with length of video limit is 60 minutes. They also have apps for iOS, Android and PlayStation 4. You can upload many videos simultaneously with their mass uploader software.

2. Vimeo
Vimeo is another website listed as best YouTube Alternative. It is around since 2004. Vimeo allows you to watch, share and upload in HD-quality and with any advertisement. HD Quality video was first supported by Vimeo. The looks of its homepage looks professional. At first, you will a sign up box with name, email and password. Upon scrolling, you will provided with best video’s from their community and purchase films & series.

Free users can upload 500 MB of videos in a week with one HD video. It means, for per week a free users video upload limit is 500 MB. With Vimeo’s Premium accounts, you can increase the limits of upload size. Vimeo Apps allows you to watch HD videos on your android and iOS devices.

3. Metacafe
Metacafe is a video-sharing website that focuses on short-form video entertainment. This site is older than popular YouTube. At the start of the homepage, you will get editorial picks videos. Homepage also list recommended channels.

You can find video among different categories including movies, video games, science & tech etc.

4. Flickr
Most of us know “Flickr” as an image uploading & sharing website. But do you know, you can also share your video on Flickr ? To upload videos on this website, first you should register an account. Every user at Flickr will get 1 TB of storage in their account. Free account allows to upload 1 GB per video with maximum length of 3 minutes. The features related to Flickr videos are just basic and need further improvements for sure.

5. Vevo
Vevo is another video hosting service that focuses on streaming music videos. Vevo awards those artist with minimum 100 million views on Vevo and its partner sites.

So these are best YouTube alternatives. Although there are many other small video sharing website available on the web. But no other website can give competition to YouTube. Dailymotion and Vimeo are probably the best alternatives to YouTube.

Now go and check these websites and watch & upload your favorite videos.

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