Answers to Questions about Fiber Optics Technology

The fiber optic technology is a fast growing technology. Perhaps you are reading this because you have used it or you heard about it, but if you didn’t, you can ask yourself why may be some countries are using it and others are not using it ?. You may also wonder about why the technology of Fiber optic is very fast than the traditional Copper technology ?. You may also wonder if there are limits to the bandwidth capacity that can be carried using a fiber optic cable ?. You may also wonder why some countries are having a very fast internet connection than others ? I will try to explain and answer these most common questions in way that is easy for any one to understand !

1. What causes the fiber optic to be preferable than the traditional Copper technology ?
Why many people are choosing to use fiber optic more than the Copper technology ? Also, why the Internet providers are upgrading their technology to comply with the use of Fiber Optics ?

Fiber Optic technology doesn’t have a reduction of speed capacity when someone is sending information to a long distance (>=200km). But with the traditional mode of Copper technology, it is hard even to send data to 20km. When using Copper also due to electromagnetic change, there can be variety of speed of transmission.

In few words, Fiber Optic is very good for simplifying the fast communication between long distances.

2. What is the bandwidth limit for fiber optic ?
This question seems to be difficult, normally Fiber Optic can carry so much data that can be in many terabytes per second.
There also some of them that can carry hundreds of terabytes/ second.

3. Why some countries are not using or maximizing the usage of Fiber Optic ?
It’ s difficult to change the infrastructure which is already set so that there use of Fiber Optic. When the investment has invested
in such technology this means that it has taken too much money, but there are other points that can be looked on. There are many materials like routers, cables and others that have been costed a lot of money.
So, there are many reasons for the slow adoption of such technology in boosting the communication in certain countries.

It’ s very interesting to use Fiber Optic
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