How is the functioning mode of an automated system

An automated information system (AIS) is an assembly of computer hardware, software, firmware, or any combination of these, configured to accomplish specific information-handling operations, such as communication, computation, dissemination, processing, and storage of information.

The main purpose of an automated system is to help speed up a process. Tasks that are time-consuming or inconvenient are often incorporated into systems. Some manufacturing companies will work to develop automated systems that can handle jobs that would be difficult for a human to do.

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Automation, much like mechanization, depends on machines to execute functions many of which were first performed manually. Mechanization can be seen as the stepping stone between manual labor and automation—it eliminates the need for physical labor, but operators are still needed to oversee machine operations and provide maintenance and feedback. Automation systems, however, eliminate the need for an operator by including feedback and sensory programs. The result is highly independent machine systems that can carry out a task from start to finish, without human assistance.

Automated systems can be used to handle a wide range of tasks. Systems have key components that allow them to function properly including a control system, a way to interpret and distribute data and a human interface. Programmable logic allows the system to process data and control it.

In the computer industry, there are many tasks that do not require constant human attention. Software can be used to complete a number of different tasks and automatically post the results.

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