How to remove write protection on usb disk drive

The following is problem raised by one computer user :

I need to remove the "write protection" on my 64GB USB storage disk. I have too much to lose and all my backups for my profile are on here. I cannot write to it OR download from it. There is not a mechanical up or down flip switch. How it got write protected is beyond me. I only noticed this because my user profile became corrupted and I wanted to reinstall the programs from my USB drive back onto my profile. It says it is write protected and to remove it or use another disk. I don’t have another disk.

Solution to the above problem :
I have found an old solution that worked on my 64 gig USB drive. No need to modify registry or download software. Try this system fix :

  • Open a command prompt
  • type DISKPART press
  • type LIST VOLUME press
  • type SELECT VOLUME X, where X is the volume number you want to remove the write protect from. In my case is was Volume 6
  • you will see a prompt that the write protect has been removed
  • type EXIT press

Good luck !

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