Leaving Your Laptop Plugged in Harms its Battery ?

There has always been a controversy discussion between keeping a laptop packed with the battery plugged-in at all times, or not. Many have wondered if this overcharging process, may reduce the battery life over the years or, even damage the product in some way.

How should a laptop battery be used

There are also factors which influence the long-life of the battery, like the laptop’s own settings. If the manufacturer was so kind to include power saving modes or settings to stop the battery from charging when it’s above 93%, let’s say, then you are in luck. If not, here’s a tale of the most known theories and how you must react :


  • Exercise the battery – as a product meant to be used, the battery should not be kept in dark place for a long time, without being drained once in a time. Those who wish to use the laptop solely on the power transmitted directly from the AC plug, should insert the battery at least once in a month, let it charge and then drain it up to 15%. This will ensure that the battery is getting some action from time to time and the chemical substances within will surely appreciate it.
  • Don’t let it discharge completely– a fact that I wasn’t aware of until a couple of hours ago was that whenever the laptop battery went under the 15% mark, it suffered quite some complications. It seems that it is mandatory to shut down the equipment or plug it under this limit, this being the main reason why batteries are slowly killed. Moreover, if a battery is discharged below the 5% mark or even completely, permanent faults will occur and the product looses a significant amount of capacity. Discharging completely is only allowed on older batteries (not Li-ion) with memory effects.
  • Using the laptop while charging the battery – the myth that a battery will have to suffer under these circumstances is absolutely busted, at least for notebooks. While charging, a part of the juice will go into actually powering the device while the spare will be instead into replenishing the battery. The only disadvantage is that the cells will be recharged slower.

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