How to Change from Lowercase to Uppercase in Excel

Microsoft’s Excel spreadsheet program has several functions to make your text type-case consistent. If you need all the text to be uppercase, you can use UPPER function to capitalize all the letters or PROPER to capitalize the first letter.

Method 1

Using the Uppercase Function

1. Type in a series of names or text in a column in your worksheet. Your text can be in any case when using this function. It will change the text in the cell to all uppercase letters.

2. Add a column to the right of your text column. Click on the letter on the top of the text column. Right click and select “Insert.”

3. Move your cursor into the cell to the right of the first data you want to capitalize. You will place a formula with the uppercase function in this cell.

4. Press the function button in the top toolbar. It is a blue epsilon symbol and looks like the letter “E.” The formula bar (fx) will be highlighted so that you can type in your function.

5. Select the text function labeled “UPPER” or type in the word “UPPER” next to the equals sign in your formula bar.

  • When you press the function button, the word “SUM” may automatically appear. If this happens, replace “SUM” with “UPPER” to change the function.[1]

6. Type the cell location in parenthesis next to the word UPPER. If you were using the first column and row for your data, your function bar would read “=UPPER(A1).”

7. Press “Enter.” The text in cell A1 should appear in cell B1 in all-uppercase letters.

8. Click your cursor on the little box in the bottom right corner of the cell. Drag the box to the bottom of the column. This will fill in the series so that each cell in the first column is copied to the second column in the uppercase.

9. Check that all of the text has been correctly copied into the second column. Highlight the column above the correct text by clicking on the letter above the column. Click on the “Edit” menu and click “Copy,” and then click the “Edit” drop down menu and select “Paste Values.”

  • This process will allow you to replace the formula with the value, so that you can delete the first column of text.

10. Check that the same text reappears in the column. Delete the first column by right clicking the letter above the column. Select “Delete” from the drop down list.

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